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26. The End


It's been a year and two days since I last updated this blog. What can I say? It's been topsy-turvy, as I recently moved to a new house and I've been in a head-whirl during the year.

I doubt I'm going to be able to keep up this journal on a regular basis, and that's why I'm closing it down. I'm sorry, three or four people who read it, but that's the way it goes. Sometimes.

R.I.P Blog
April 2008-November 2009


P.S. I may make another blog at some point, so keep your eyes peeled! *nonexistent fans cheer*



25. I Want YOU to Join the Cleanup Army

One quarter of the way to Hope I get there soon. Anyway...

Today I would like to notify you of something bad that's going on right now. You see...

Once upon a time, there was an ARG named Triskabiblios. It was a big hit, so a guy named Mike (who had worked on another ARG himself) decided to make a wiki about it. And that wiki was called TriskaWiki (original name!).

Unfortunately, after a while, the wiki started to fall into disrepair, becoming the target for a bunch of spamming bots. Now no one visits the wiki anymore. That is, until I came along by accident, saw the spam, got pissed off, made an account (you need to have an account to edit), started to clean up the spam, and here we are. XD

The point of this post? To alert people that this place exists, to get some help cleaning up, and to get the wiki going again. I hope you'll join me. If you want to help, get an account and sign your name in the 'helpers' section of my talk page. Make sure to come back daily; those bots work 24/7. Good luck!



24. Korea Rules

Today, I'm going to share some flash movies from Korea that I found on Jayisgames which can be effectively described in one word: AWESOME. Beware- once you start watching, it's hard to stop; I watched each episode (or "step") nearly five times in a row when the third one was featured at JIG's Link Dump Friday. Mwahahaha! >:D

Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.

One more thing: The fourth episode is scheduled for release on the 20th. I'll drop a link to it when it comes out. 'Kay? 'Kay.


Edit, 09/03/08: Step 4 is out. Enjoy, but be careful, this one's much darker than the others. O_o

Edit 2, 11/14/08 The final step will be out sometime this December. YAY! :D


23. O-C-F! O-C-F!

Well, it's been ten days since the Oregon Country Fair (OCF), and I've finally recovered. It was awesome. What's awesome about it, you ask? Here:

• About 10-15 stages for stuff like music/juggling/vaudeville
• Nearly a thousand food/craft booths
• Excellent child care
• Enviromentally geared
• You can meet up with old friends
• The nearby Zumwalt Campground has a resivoir to swim in

...yeah. In general, it rules. XD

That's it for now. Bye!




Happy 4th of July, everybody! To celebrate, here's another online riddle:

Tim Tang Test

Heh. Also, I make a comic strip every week. I'll upload a scan later.


21. 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall


My cousin Gabe graduated from college last week! Oddly enough, the graduation ceremony wasn't as long/boring as I thought it would be.

So... yeah. Also, here's some (slightly) interactive fiction games you may find intresting.

Inanimate Alice

As for why I'm two days late posting: I'm lazy. Yes. Just that.

Anyways, c u l8r ^_^ I tink for my next post, I'll review KadoKado in-depth. Bye!



20. OMG 20TH POST!!1!

As you can see from the title (lol), this is my 20th post. Yay!

This also coincidences with my birthday, which was on last Tuesday. Post ur greetings in the comments, if any.

And now for the content: Today I'll be reviewing Nitrome, a Flash game developer from England. They've made 33 different games as of time of writing. Each one is fairly good, but has some flaws. Five must sees:

1. Hot Air: Use a fan to blow a hot air balloon to the goal while avoiding nearly anything that's not a pad to land on. First of two Nitrome games to have a sequel.

2. Skywire: The other game to get a sequel, and with good reason too. Move a cable car along its rail to the goal while dodging obstacles.

3. Magic Touch: Filed into the 'quick games' section for games that don't have levels. Robots are attacking your castle and you must pop the balloons they're floating down on b4 they reach the ground. Good stuff.

4. Dirk Valentine: Another platformer, this one involves a chain gun (litterally-it fires a ball attached to a chain)
that you can use to create platforms and defeat enemies. Also one of the few games I finished (Nitrome games can get ridiculously hard in later stages).

5. Snot Put: Another quick game, this one has you flinging a ball of snot as far as you can. LOL XD

And that's that. Another news, I'm starting up a game in the music field below where you try and guess what Beatles song the line is from. Post your guesses in comments. First one 2 get it right WINS! Whee!

Alright. See you later.

-Bloohoo XD*

*I'm still laughing about Snot Put. Hee...


19. Triple Threat

Ay-yi-yi. I blame that huge period of not posting on adjusting to my settings. Lame excuse, huh?

To make up for this, you get THREE games AND some news out of me. Yay! :D
First up is KadoKado, a game site from Motion-Twin (remember?) that was only translated to English a few weeks ago. Here's my review in one sentence:


I have said my peace. ^_^ Play it.

Or not. ;)

V1 and V2.
Finally (at least for the games), a very Matrix-esque online riddle (Like Riddles of Riddles) that has struck up an e-mail conversation about the game with my grandpa, Victor. You'll need Flash and graphics programs like Photoshop to play it, so be warned.

Amnesya: The Final Riddle Challenge

The other day, I went to the *h*l*o* Farmer's Market again, 'cause my friends needed to pick up some veggies there. Notable stuhff:

Luncch: Bread and goat's milk again. I kinda wished I'd gotten some lemonade instead, though. Cost $3. Cheap!
Showed off a magic trick I found in a book involving a dollar bill. It got good rate (so to speak).
And that's it. Whee! Have fun. I'll see you later. Bye!

Back with a VENGANCE,

18. Another Notice

Ya know what? I'm dropping the schedule. Now I just write wen I feel like it. However, I will still write at least once each week. :)

I've been busy moving to the downstairs of my grandma's house-we've been house-sitting for her while she's in Greece and we're having a new house built for us to live in. She comes back the day after tomorrow, so we're moving our stuff downstairs and cleaning up the second floor.
Another news, here is an 'online riddle'. Make sure to read the instructions first.

Riddles of Riddles

Good luck-it's REALLY hard. Mwahahaha!

-Bloohoo >:)


17. Got Milk?

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Why do I keep missing my deadline? Ugh...

O well. Anyway, I went to a Cake concert a couple days ago. The cool stuff (1 point for each):

The music was awsome+1
The cookies were great+1
It was Mother's Day +1
They gave away an apple tree +1
We got nearly front row seats +1

Score: 5/5

Also in music, I got my own iPod. Sweet!
For the other end of the journal spectrum, try this game out:

Crazy Doors of Rainbow Colors

And that's it. ^_^ See you some time soon.